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AFK Restrictions in Ranked
I think the AFK Restrictions/Bans should only be given to players who are AFK in the Match, I understand that it spoils the fun for others but then they can remake and Riot can introduce a patch in which if a team loses a Ranked match due to someone being AFK in their team, they don't lose rating.

The people who don't select agents in Agent Select (I'm one of them) have verious reasons for it like not being able to play our preferred agents like for eg. I play Reyna/Sova on Haven so if I can't have any of those, it may lead me to pck something that I can't play properly on which increases the chances of my team losing that match. Other reasons include ranks, Yes Ranks, it's hard to believe but this Riot's messed up Matchmaking system maches up Silver III players with Bronze I players, which is normal for the Plat+ guys but that's really hard for the Low Elo.
I'm not salty even tho I'm seeing Gold II players in Bronze III lobbies which is why all the famous players, streamers and pro players ares aying that the Ranked system is messed up.
Now coming back to restrctions, I would like to see no bans for people who dodge maps but the same bans for them who go AFK in match, people have their reasons, Bad Internet, Toxic Teammates and what not but in the end they have to be punished.
Let me know what you all think and all opinions, suggestions and criticism is welcome. Be Safe.

2021-01-26 06:57

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