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Why is VLR so much more popular
Why is vlr more popular than the spike even tho this website look far more refined and actually are updating the site with new metrics and with better presentation. Man VLR actually lookin like a forums website ripped straight out of 2002 and I hate that they dont update it with anything new or interesting yet they still somehow have and maintain far more users than TheSpike.
2022-05-19 09:27


2022-05-19 09:29
come to vlr for pickems -> talk -> vlr more popular
2022-05-19 09:31
ScreaM | hex4
we actually launched them first :(
2022-05-19 09:38
unlucky tbh
💀 x 21/7
2022-05-19 09:42
ScreaM | hex4
all good
2022-05-19 09:46
Asuna | MythicalForger
large and active user base maybe?
2022-05-19 09:36
you made a post on VLR about TheSpike I think the reason is when the owner didn't pay the writers everyone boycotted this site and it stayed like this ever since
2022-05-19 09:39
ScreaM | hex4
can't wait to share more updates we're shipping :)
2022-05-19 10:01
ABATMAN | Rainyy
PLEASE upvotes and downvotes pLEASE
2022-05-19 10:03
WARDELL | Jexhos
+5 (including Justenjoying's recent Thread)
2022-05-19 10:06
TenZ | FluffyP
yes pls so i can ratio this frog
2022-05-19 10:25
2022-05-19 10:16
2022-05-19 10:27
I would say we were the leading website for VALORANT for much of the start, with what happened with the previous owner certainly did hit us hard but now we are working even harder to give you guys the best user experience. We are not here to bad mouth VLR or any other related websites as we respect them in their own right. We are here for you guys, we are here to make THESPIKE.GG the best it can for users to enjoy.

As hex4 said, we are currently working on updates and improvements and will share them in due course.

Feel free to keep the ideas coming in.
2022-05-19 10:32
W then
2022-05-19 22:41
ABATMAN | Rainyy
walking W
2022-05-19 22:52
Valinaaa | NeerajP
dont forget us after this site becomes popula r😓
2022-05-20 01:22

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