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The best player in the world (At least by stats)
TenZ |
Hello, everyone!

I would like to discuss with you about a topic that interest me recently. Who is currently the best player in the world by stats? By multiple stats not just ACS but mainly ACS, Player ratings (That are only on this website), K/D, etc And maybe rounds as well.

After a lot of "research" and checking I came to the conclusion of two players and managed to narrow it down to just two.

TenZ and Mwzera both have crazy stats that are almost can only be achieved with cheats (See NisaY that had 310 ACS and got banned recently) But now I am with the biggest problem ever. Since I do not know who is the best out of these two at least from the stats.

Because as of right now I tend to think that it is TenZ since he has so many rounds played compared to Mwzera.

Also, a very weird thing is that no one actually knows what are the exact updated rounds that Mwzera played in total since in here it says around 1200 and in VLR it says around 1700 so it is very weird

And both of these numbers are extremely low rounds.

What are your thoughts guys?
2021-02-21 14:43


have u considered the competition from them? i dont watch brazilian valorant, but i assume there is a big difference, looking at the teams. for example, "felps" a brazilian CSGO player had incredible match ratings and stats (mostly over 1.50 i believe), however in the few matches he played against bigger teams, he didnt perform well and had normal ratings. so i guess u have to say its TenZ, but i would even consider ScreaM, since he is playing so well in EU
2021-02-21 17:53
dicey | Germanicus
I'm not sure it's exactly fragging stats that make the "best player in the world". What about stax? His stats are unimpressive of course - he's a breach player. But his precise flashes and timings, along with his experience, make him perhaps the most important player on the most tactically advanced team in the world. What about Hiko, or nitr0, or steel? Not great fragging stats, but you can't tell me they're not some of the best players in NA. Or niesoW in EU? He's insanely flexible on top of being a big fragger, and allows Heretics to do tons of experimenting and unique things because he'll always impress no matter what he's playing. Basically, there's a lot more to being "the best player in the world" than just fragging stats. If we are choosing only incredible duelists, it has to be mwzera IMO - guys like TenZ and ScreaM haven't won much, while mwzera plays on the best team in Brazil.
2021-02-21 18:01
TenZ | PCGamer
Yeah, I can understand your point and also mwzera has crazy stats and 1.51 player rating.
2021-02-21 18:35
mwzera is a beast, not sure how he'll perform against NA/EU players tho.
2021-02-21 19:21
I am not the type of person only judging players by their stats but also watching their games and analysing their playstyles and the players that impressed me the most so far in all regions combined are ScreaM, mwzera, TenZ, Shao, Rb, drone, Sinatraa, aprotoo, Shawn, thief, vakk and especially Asuna from 100T, because of his unmatchable aggression. Keep any eye on Seoldam from Korea, he is not playing for a big team yet but I bet he will be one of the worlds best someday.
2021-02-22 12:12
TenZ | PCGamer
Yes but If you had to pick only 3 out of them? or 1?
2021-02-22 16:05
If 3...I would honestly do it by region, cause it would be unfair otherwise as most games are situated in NA right now.

EU - ScreaM
NA - Asuna
Asia - Rb
2021-02-22 17:21
TenZ | PCGamer
Asuna is kinda overhyped in my opinion.

There are much better players in NA and also much experienced such as Sinatraa with almost 4000 rounds. and has a very good ACS 241 compared to the agents and amount on rounds that is a crazy amount of consistency.

In EU I think mixwell or some players from Team heretics are better.
2021-02-22 18:33
sinatraa, Asuna, drone, m1xwell, ANGE1, ScreaM, ANDROID, Wardell.
2021-02-22 18:56
TenZ | PCGamer
Yes, Recently I came to the conclusion that it is 99% sinatraa out of all the players.

Because of his high ACS even though he does not play duelists and a crazy amount of rounds it gives him the perfect experience of esports.

And of course many other factors as well.
2021-02-22 21:16
Yes, His utility usage is the best and as Sova he gets a ton of damage thru Shocks and his Ult plus playing Raze on Split and he deals alot of damage there too, always getting Showstopper Kills and Paintshell kills.
2021-02-23 04:56
TenZ | PCGamer
Okay, nice guys thank you so much for this discussion lol tbh I never thought it will get so many comments.

So after reading everything it basically comes to the only solution of 2 players.

TenZ VS Mwzera

Who do you guys think is the best player in the world as of right now? even though tenz is out of the scene but he can comeback anyday also tomorrow just for an example.
2021-02-27 14:07

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