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Im just new here
curry |
So i just came over from CSGO. The reason i swapped is that a player called "curry" has (very probaly) decided to go into the valorant scene and i REALLY want to still put attention to him, but it can sadly not continiue in the CS scene. I have not officialy stopped playing CS, but if i decide so, can i then maybe get some suggestions from this community that of what i have heard should be more nice than the CS community
2021-02-24 08:09


i see you got your thread 404'ed lol

for suggestion,
play duelist if you are swithing from csgo;
phantom is m4a4 and vandal is ak47;
armour works entirely different than it does in csgo;
movements sucks in valo also you cant pick or chose a map or ct/t side;
play spike rush to try out which agent suits you;
also beaware of run n gun, it sucks people be going 200mph and hitting you headshots xD;

i can't of anything else ri8 now so gl
p.s. curry joined t1 with auti and sakoodle :D
2021-02-25 01:12
curry | el_nummer_2004
I know. It's so amazing to see him back, but would also have loved to see more from him in CSGO
2021-02-25 08:22
yeah also to answer your question of why i play valo, bcoz i was sick of cheaters in csgo :)
2021-02-25 08:52
curry | el_nummer_2004
Yea. I get that mate. This community also seems so much more nice😉
2021-02-25 08:59
Yo your that guy, wassup my guy
2021-02-25 01:46
curry | el_nummer_2004
Have i seen you before?
2021-02-25 08:22
I doubt it but i've seen your thread about Curry, i even got into arguments with some russian dudes about Asian CS.
2021-02-25 09:14
curry | el_nummer_2004
At HLTV or?
Just "curryes" mate😜
2021-02-25 09:36
I argued with russians man, of course it's HLTV
2021-02-25 20:07
curry | el_nummer_2004
2021-02-25 20:11
2021-02-26 00:31

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