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TOP 10 teams in your opinnion.
As i am rolling into Valorant casting, i'm really interested on how the people see the scene in their eyes without any official top10 rankings. So what are your favorite teams that you enjoy watching either from the org or player side.

Thanks for the answers, this will help me out on my research a lot!
2021-02-27 11:58


Tricky question!

i dont know much beyond EU and NA teams, but my top 10 (in no particular order) are:


Smart teams, cracked mechanics, interesting personalities. not too puggy. yea.

2021-02-27 12:26
Heretics are most viewed for me as i know one of the players there and it seems like they are pretty stacked to be top1 in europe. I don't know if its because they are that good or that they haven't really cracked much against the top 10 teams that much, buti have to give it to them that they look this dominant still. Thank you so much for the answer! :)
2021-02-27 14:17
well, give them my best! they are sick. i love their strats. they play a beautiful game
2021-02-27 14:53
1. Vision Strikers
2. Sentinels
3. G2
4. FunPlus Phoenix
5. 100 Thieves
6. Herectics
7. TSM
8. Absolute Jupiter
10. TNL
2021-02-27 12:30
These are the TOP 10 in the WORLD in this order.
2021-02-27 12:31
If you had to choose 3 teams from this list who would you pick and why? You don't even have to have a good reason for the ones you pick.
2021-02-27 14:18
Vision Strikers, Sentinels and FunPlus Phoenix (if asked, Reason is Consistency)
2021-02-27 18:07
i was about to ask why but you beat me up to it. Thanks! 10 points and a parrot sticker from me!
2021-02-27 18:20
TY ;)
2021-02-27 19:24
4. Envy
5.100 Trash
8. Xset
9. NRG
10. GenG

2021-02-27 12:43
I dont watch any other scene other than NA so....
2021-02-27 12:45
noticed 😅
2021-02-27 12:45
another salty tsm fan here we goooooooooooooooooooo and FYI he said Global Top 10 not NA Top 10
2021-02-27 13:01
Is this in order? Seems like you don't like a few teams on that list! :D
2021-02-27 14:19
Yeah LOL No way teams like Luminosity making Top 10 coz they're still new. They're Good but still New and unproven.
2021-02-27 18:08
btw seems like youre pretty deep in to this, so how about strats? Who is rocking the strat game in valorant atm?
2021-02-27 18:22
Vision Strikers but I think LAN will be the real test for who is actually worthy because SEN and FPX have been equally consistent.
2021-02-27 19:22
I asked someone else this question too but if you could pick just one team from each of the regions who whould it be. NA EU and ASIA?
2021-02-28 03:40
Same. SEN (NA) FPX (EU) and VS (ASIA)
2021-02-28 06:43
Ok dude youre a trooper ty!
2021-02-28 17:32
Always here to Help!
2021-03-01 04:44
Vision Strikers
100 Thieves
Ninjas in Pyjamas
G2 Esports
Absolute Jupiter
2021-02-27 12:47
wish i had the new NiP in mine. so good.

not fussed for G2 though.
2021-02-27 12:50
2021-02-27 12:59
Vision Strikes and Absolute Jupiter definetly are new names for me. This is why i pretty much made this thread. Thanks!
2021-02-27 14:20
ANS | Germanicus
(in no order)

Vision Strikers
2021-02-27 14:33
ANS | Germanicus
oops forgot FPX.
2021-02-27 14:36
Is this in fav order or based of performance? And why is VS At the top?
2021-02-28 03:41
ANS | Germanicus
just by region, going through the teams i thought of first. if you're looking for a new name here, check out NUTURN. They're cracked.
2021-02-28 09:23
Dude ill check that name out. thanks for the pointer! + i see that youre a dice fan and he just got removed from 100T, unlucky for him but good for 100t i think.
2021-02-28 17:33
No specific order :

Vision Strikers


2021-02-27 18:17
Vision Strikers and Vorax are pretty new names for me yet again. Any reasons why you landed on them in this listing?

Btw ty for your contribution, you guys are making me work for this :D
2021-02-27 18:19
Vision Strikers are the only invicted team in valorant plus they dominate the korean scene with an iron fist, they have cracked aims and an amazing and deep strat book
Vorax where pretty dominant in Brazil in the beginning of the game (with Gamelanders, you can see them as the TSM and Sentinels of Brazil), they had some problems in recent times and now they are coming back with a vengeance, with a bit more time they will be back on top

2021-02-28 08:01
if you had to pick 3 teams based on your liking and potential who would you choose, and would Vision be on that list? I love this thread, i have gotten a lot of amazing feedback, ty man!
2021-02-28 17:35
Welcome dude :)
Well 3 teams that I would chose are G2( I think you can understand why xd), 100T and yes, Vision Strikers.
G2 with zeek are a more complete team,they just need a little more time to improve
100T with the pickup of Ethan and role changes on the team it will be interesting to see how are they gonna play from now on.
VS are a powerhouse, they are undefeated after all, they are super fun to watch and they are completely cracked
It's gonna be super fun watching LAN's with such amazing teams

Honorable Mention:
I want to see SaW and other portuguese roster succeed too, I want the esports community to grow fast in my country

2021-03-01 06:16
Haven't seen asian pro scene, but i'm sure they are sick!
Sooo, without asian teams my top looks like this:
8.Crow crowd(hope these guys will smack cis scene)
9.Liquid(they might be in my top5 but haven't seen them with jampii)

Think my top may look strange, but this is my STRANGE opinion!
2021-02-27 18:39
No its not strange at all, the idea of this is to see what people think without any leader rankings. Thanks soda! I was just about to ask that if you could pick one team from each region who would it be? If you don't follow the asian tournaments just take one from EU and NA! Thank you so much for responding!
2021-02-28 03:40
That's easy NiP and Sentinels:)
2021-02-28 06:09
My man
2021-02-28 13:11
kinda odd that shazams team could be good but im trusting you, i really need to see some games from them.
Thank you!
2021-02-28 17:37
1. Heretics
2. VS
3. FPX
4. Gamelanders
5. SEN
6. NV
7. NiP
8. Absolute Jupiter
9. G2
10. IMT/Liquid/100T/NUTURN/Furia
2021-02-28 09:03
Forgot about Fnatic
2021-02-28 10:50
NIP has prettymuch one of my favourite igl ex6! If you had to rate the scene from 1 to 3 what order would NA EU and ASIA be listed as?
2021-02-28 17:39
1. EU
2. NA
3. Asia
Mainly because EU and NA have more competitive teams, though the gap is starting to close between VS and everyone else in KR
2021-03-01 01:46
mch | MnZs

1. Gamelanders
3. Team Vikings
4. Vorax
5. Squad 5 (aka Treinão do Fra - orgless - )
6. Rise Gaming
7. Imperial
8. Slick ( - orgless - )
9. B4
10. DELIRAWOWZK ( - orgless - )

* imo FURIA will get 1st at the end of the year
** 1st - 7th tier1 / the others are high tier 2 teams
2021-02-28 10:01
Nice list! Does furia focus on raw skill or is it more tactical or even both?
2021-02-28 17:40
mch | MnZs
FURIA is a "dream team" of young and promising players, the have a pretty good aim and nice tatics, even though the team is only one and half/2 months old.
2021-02-28 18:26
mch | MnZs
they have*
2021-02-28 18:29
Team Heretics Uri
The top 3 are Heretics, FPX and Envy.
Then we have Fnatic, sentinels, NIP, 100t, G2, Liquid, TSM.
U cant really rank them cause we have only seen First Strike and qualifers as important competitions.
Then u have scenes like shouth america asia and CIS region.
CIS region has shown weak vs top EU competition, cause their best talent are in Eu teams.
The same happens with south america, they valorant lvl is very weak.
Brazil, korea and turkey have "private" qualifiers, so we dont have any type of base to say gameleaders and VS are in top lvl of competition in valorant.
2021-02-28 10:21
mch | MnZs
actually, FURIA and GL are the best here in Brazil.
2021-02-28 10:35
as we havent really seen asia vs any other region, would you say that VS have a chance to dominate or what would the difference in level be?
2021-02-28 17:42
Team Heretics Uri
For sure, the pandemic has f*cked up Valorant competitive wise, what has happened is that competitive wise they have created region bubbles, in these bubbles, EU, NA, Korea, etc. There are the skill caps from other games and skill caps from valorant. Its not the same skill cap for every bubble, right now we know for sure, NA has the best Aim skill but macro playing around the match is not their strong side so i think is going to be easy to punish some overpeeks, in the other hand Korea macro wise is very strong but they are going to be able to win consistenly? cause if u cant win aimduels u are going to lose the match even if u have great set ups and macro, so i think they will need a year to get to the real 100%. EU is in the middle of both, we have a very high skill cap cause we are the best region in CSGO by alot, I think their style is going to match up very well vs any region, they have enough macro and skill to counter both opposite styles, i feel like the Heretics, FPX and Fnatic defensive wise are at the top of Valorant, they punish very hard and read the game very well, what could hurt the NA style alot, teams like G2 and Liquid that have a more loose style and execute type of macro got punished very hard by FPX heretics fnatic and Nip
2021-03-01 13:10
i would say
1 - Team Heretics
2 - FPX
3 - Ninjas in Pyjamas
4 - Sentinels
5 - G2 Esports
6 - Vision Strikers
7 - Envy
8 - Fnatic
9 - Immortals
10 - ABSOLUTE Jupiter
I value CS experience very highly thats why I think EU teams have the upper hand, they have shopwn very good tactics and aim and unlike the asian and BR teams, against players that were proven on other games to a higher level, I want to believe in Strikers and Jupiter but looking at it objectively, they are farming players that in CS were considered amateur at best, they still have a strong eye test but I dont think they can compare to the EU top teams.
I value EU over Na too because of the same reason and also becasue NA teams seem to be more aim reliant and their utility game doesnt seem as structured as heretics, fpx or Nip, i still think that some players can be mechanically superior(Sick, Kemikals, Gengsta, Shot Up, Food, Crashies) but I think EU top 3 has comparable mechanics and better tactics, while G2 probably has straight up better aim and can beat him off mechnaics alone
2021-02-28 11:59
I love the fact that you brought up eye test and not just raw stats. If you had to describe just based on your eye test, how big is the skill cap between with the top of the list compared to everyone out of the top 3?
2021-02-28 17:45
Mechanics wise i have to say that all the teams I've picked have shown to have very good mechanical skill, as expected of the early days of any comp FPS, the people with the most natural and already refined skill will rise to the top faster.
The real cut off is probably regarding the strats(how organized the team looks, mid round calls, are the roles fitting for the players, team comps) and Utility Usage, in this regard I think theres a big cut off point from NiP to Sentinels, all the teams below NiP feel very mechanics reliant(with the notable exceptions of vision strikers that has good utility usage, although I think their actual strats are pretty average and rely too much on being way better than the competition AND Envy which feels like the most tactical team in NA, sadly I think Envy's mechanics are some of the less crazy in this top 10) and I think that the way Ange1, lowel and Ex6tence are calling and preparing is probably what is going to become the standard for top teams, with comps and roles that are very defined and consistent in each map, I also think they are the only teams that understand how overrated Duelist characters are and focus more on the utility heavy side of the game by picking very often Breach or Sage instead of a secondary duelist and they haven't moved away from Sentinels, something a lot of the frag heavy teams are doing, showing that they value the info a Cypher can provide and that they know how to use it to the full extent
2021-03-01 03:01
paTiTek | tamas1n
so judging by the description we talking favorites, not top 10 best teams? ok then.
1. 100T
2. G2
3. Envy
4. Team Liquid
5. Luminosity
6. NIP
7. Immortals
8. Xset
9. Heretics
10. Rollo

if you meant 10 best teams tho', here we go, i have no problem making 2 lists
1. Envy
2. Sentinels
3. Nip
4. Heretics
5. 100T
6. G2
7. Fnatic
9. FPX
10. Luminosity

i don't watch the asian teams so they are not included
2021-03-01 02:48
1. Heretics
2. Gamelanders
3. Vision Strikers
4. Sentinels
5. FPX
6. G2
7. 100 Thieves
9. NIP
10. Envy
2021-03-01 14:28
1. FPX
2. Heretics
3. Envy
4. VS
5. Sentinels
6. Gamelanders
7. Ninjas
8. Nuturn
9. AJ
10. Furia
2021-03-02 11:17

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