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TSM v GenG
Who will win TSM v GenG?
2021-03-01 18:20


I think that TSM will win since that Roza is back in action and since they figured out GenG's playstyle better. Thoughts?
2021-03-01 18:21
the french canadians take this ezpz
2021-03-01 19:09
this reply is based solely on regional bias btw
2021-03-01 19:10
lmao good enough reason

2021-03-01 19:53
TSM all the way man

2021-03-02 03:31
If they ban out Haven & Split, which i expect they will, TSM might have the edge to win it. GenG will probably still take Icebox. TSM should take ascent. it will come down to Bind, so it depends who picks what. going to be a close game.
2021-03-02 03:48

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