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DaZeD is the problem
he clearly was toxic in cs, abd i cant imagine he's had an incredible transformation given the trouble at T1 -- that many roster changes suggests trouble at the top. discuss
2021-03-03 07:47


pashaBiceps | MAXINITY_
no one will discuss on this dead forum
come to hltv.... 🔪 or else
2021-03-03 09:10
paTiTek | tamas1n
since when is hltv about valorant? also i see quite a few people discussing mate 🙂.
2021-03-04 03:08
autimatic | AlkenShap
The fact that they took down their most recent VCT voice comms video shows there is at least something fishy going on behind T1.
2021-03-03 15:11
wass never a fan of dazed, they should get in some fresh talent to go with all that veteran cs presence instead
2021-03-03 17:49
I think its a number of things. They do seem to be playing a bit better now but we will see if they can be consistent.
2021-03-03 19:59
paTiTek | tamas1n
as long as the results are good, changes won't be needed. there are players in the history of cs who were kind of toxic, yet succesfull. i believe dazed in val could have a similar story
2021-03-04 03:07
usually they have talent to back it up, but DaZeD seems washed... let's revive this thread when he's cut. no way autimatic is going to put up with an ego like that
2021-03-04 12:16
autimatic | AlkenShap
Honestly, might be autimatic that is cut... although he is knew, is performance seems lackluster compared to the rest of his teammates.
2021-03-04 13:19
I've watched Dazed stream a few times since him and Spyder were signed. Almost everytime I watched he would be queing with Spyder and was always very kind/professional in the way he treated and interected with him. He has a history with Ska, AZK & Brax. Wished AZK and Brax well when they left the team. I don't think it was on him to decide drafting a new coach and replacing AZK. There is someone making changes at the top of T1 but I don't think it's Dazed who should be blamed for it.
2021-03-04 15:32
You can't really call T1 a failure yet because this new roster hasn't had many games to play but there are some looming problems rn. Spyder is a great player but he very much should be on Phoenix/Raze and have Ska on Jett. Ska's Jett is better utility wise and Spyder looks better on the Phoenix. Ska's breach, especially with how he's interacting with Spyder, is really meh. Making the team comp Ska Jett, Spyder Raze, DaZeD Sova, Autimatic Omen, and Curry Cypher would be their best lineup IMO
2021-03-04 15:41
Skadoodle | Zynco
Ya its so early. Settling in takes time. That comp would rock
2021-03-04 20:17
Fnatic LDK
Winning cures everything.
2021-03-04 15:58
after tonight, discussion is heating up
2021-03-05 00:29
I think they need more time before we jump to conclusions like these
2021-03-05 04:32

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