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LFP(s) Diamond+
Team of 3 with 2 Immortal Level Players
In need of a Smoke IGL that can frag decentely
and a Nutty Fragging Flexible Sova/Raze/Reyna/Viper
2021-03-04 12:01


Im down to try out for your team.
2021-03-04 15:39
yo, I would be down to try out. DM me @Gridlygrundo on Twitter

2021-03-08 13:31
Ill try out, Add me on Discord Dugmate#0574

Currently D2 but peaked at immortal, I have over 1k hours in csgo but switched to valorant in beta, I play a range of ops but I am most comfortable with Entry
2021-03-14 13:01
would you try me out once i hit diamond in a few days ;)
2021-03-14 13:15
(omen main) yo im down to try out. Im currently d1 (peaked imm), i will be a higher rank once i start playing mm again. I currently scrim in joons 10 man imm/radiant lobbies and i think i can be a good fit because im use to imm/rad lobbies. Discord (2xhawk#8282) Twitter - 2xhawk
2021-03-15 14:12
Brim/Sova Main, Been D2+ since beta started... Immortal past 3 acts. I have over 6.5k hours in CSGO, competed heavily in CEVO and ESEA - IM/MAIN consistantly... A+ Pug rank averaging 12.5-14.5 RWS before i stopped playing ESEA. (Take this how you will...ive been competing since I was like 10 lol back in Cod4... was #2 doubles ladder player and on a top 10 team ladder) Back in the day (2011-2014) I was also a semi-pro COD player in MW3 and BLOPS2 (Exiled Gaming) Would love to try out for the team, i miss competing greatly and would love to see what you guys are all about.

HMU if you want to discuss anything or learn more about my experience and/or play style. Discord - FreeDaquan#1696
2021-03-16 04:27

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