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Hell yes!
2021-03-07 00:06
Do you have an age requirement?

2021-03-07 04:25
Not really any age or location requirements, but we need people who are passionate and have some sort of experience or something to show. Feel free to send email to [email protected] and we will connect
2021-03-07 06:38
Ok, thank you
2021-03-07 09:56
Hi I'm Aryann fro India (SEA) and I'm interested to work with you, can you help me out with more details?
2021-03-08 00:37
ask anything you need :)

here's what the role entails:
2021-03-08 02:01
Hi I had emailed you about next steps, in no way being rude, I haven't got a response yet, could you let me know if I should be doing anything else?
2021-03-09 06:13

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