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Tournament format
why is it the formats for the regional tournaments are different ?? case in point, Eu doesnt have a lower bracket in the closed qualifiers yet NA does. im really confused ...
2021-04-07 12:42


EU's format is just different than NA's EU's there are groups that have lower brackets while there aren't groups in NA.
2021-04-07 12:49
or there were groups in Stage 1 anyways, it could also be because NA is a bigger region, like the CIS or SE Asia doesn't need a lower bracket because the regions are smaller.
2021-04-07 12:50
ANS | Germanicus
Riot usually lets their different regional offices handle things on their own. Riot NA, EU, KR, BR, etc. are all basically separate entities. In LoL too, the leagues have always had different formats as regional Riot offices go with what they think is better and what is more historic for the region. For example, up until recently LCK (korea)'s playoff system was king of the hill, China still uses a double-sided koth bracket and they only just added double elim this year. Even EU and NA have different playoff brackets. It seems like they're going with the same thing in VAL. Why they think this is the best way to go, i'm not sure.
2021-04-07 12:53
tbh letting the regional might be better so different formats and tried and we can see what is best, remember valorant is still a very young game and it has time rn to try things.
2021-04-07 13:01
ahh thank you for clearing this up just threw me a little as both regions had 8 teams for closed so didnt make sense at first that eu was single elim and na was double elim so their seprate entities and not one unit cool
2021-04-07 13:43

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