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matches not updating
More specifically in the European Open quals, it would say things like Acend vs TBD, but it wouldn't update who acend was playing until after the match started, leading to people being unable to predict. If this is something in your control SpikePlsFix.
2021-04-10 14:38


ANS | Germanicus
There's literally hundreds of matches going on at a time and we only have a few people working on them. They're doing their best.
2021-04-10 14:45
is it posisble to make it so you can predict a team before the other team appears then?
2021-04-10 15:02
ANS | Germanicus
that's a question for hex4 but i doubt it.
2021-04-10 15:10
to be able for users to predict winner we would have brackets out a bit earlier
what we have now is we are trying to update everything asap and don't even have time to smoke KEKW
generally it's hard to have time to predict during open quals because as Germanicus said there are hundreds of matches (you can see small part of them as live) we have to update and more often we don't see when match ended and it's hard to navigate through VCT bracket website because of tags but we will improve it some way!
2021-04-10 15:14

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