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Looking for Team
Looking for nice people to queue with
As the title says, I'm not looking for a team per se, but I'm looking for nice teamate to play with. I'm not an absolute pro but I like to play the game how it's meant to be played. In other words, I'm kinda tired of solo queuing and being on teams where nobody communicates or call anything out, have no clue how to manage their economy and so on. I'm a chill dude and I wanna have fun with chill people.
2020-04-18 22:17


solo queuing is a nightmare in every single multiplayer game (unless its a solo queue in a BR) - i feel you, it tilts me so hard with 0 communication and everyone baiting.

gl finding some buddies 😃
2020-04-19 11:31
Hey. I feel the same way, so would you like to queue up soon and what server are you on?
2020-05-19 15:22
2020-05-19 21:36
Feel free to add me sch0ny #NA1
2020-06-21 03:11
I'm pretty decent at cs and would love some valorantfriends.
2020-06-21 07:05
NachoQuatro#444 silver 1 atm if you need someone
2020-06-29 00:03
Winter#3815 im a P1 rn trying to hit D3
2020-07-02 18:46

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