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Do Sentinels make it to Reykjavík without TenZ?

Thoughts? Seeing a lot of different opinions on this on VLR and reddit, curious for your take.
2021-05-03 16:55


there was a comment from Jack (c9 owner) on reddit that theres already a long term loan agreement in place so they should be good
2021-05-03 17:19
yeah, the question is really could they have made it without tenz? are they better with TenZ than with sinatraa?
2021-05-03 17:54
oh sry didnt understand the question. i think with either tenz or sinatra they would have made it to iceland indeed.
2021-05-04 01:30
c4Lypso | m1nac
agreed. Without both players, SEN would have made it imo.
2021-05-04 02:11

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