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Voice Chat Recording
Why are people freaking out about this?
Every other major competitive game does this.
Faceit and ESEA both record voice chat in CS:Go public demos.
R6 has the same feature except only ubisoft can see it.
I see this feature as an improvement over CS as only the developer can see it, not just anybody.
2021-05-03 18:12


because people dont read
2021-05-03 19:20
agreed. ppl are scared now coz they cant flame by voice 😅
2021-05-04 01:32
i dont care to be honest i use discord and play with friends lol
2021-05-04 02:58
I really think, this is what it takes to counter toxicity. And i'm totally fine with that.
Nothing is more frustrating than someone who can't handle his temper, when you just wanna spread positivity and some teamwork. This can really tilt the whole team and end the match quicker than it should.
2021-05-04 03:19
Until the announcement that they were going to record audio, I had just assumed they already were.
2021-05-04 09:59
I think they need to add an honor system like in League. I want to reward the good players and then have some sort of queue priority that matches honorable players with other ones.
2021-05-04 10:15
ima have someone report me for acting toxic then when im getting recorded ima beat my meat with the mic on
2021-05-04 13:29
stg they better add demos and it better have this shit.
2021-05-04 13:38

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