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Esports Orgs Facilities
Pretty general question, not only Valorant related,
but I would like to ask, if you know any esports organisations which have their own compounds, like 100 Thievs or Liquid do.
These are the ones I know and they look pretty fabolous, so I'd be interested if there are any more like these.
if you could even post a facility tour video link, I'd be very grateful.
2021-05-06 11:55


i'm sure there's a lot more

G2, Complexity and Envy on top of my head
2021-05-06 11:59
Has Envy Valorant used their compound yet?
2021-05-06 12:08
never seen them no

Complexity did last week afaik
2021-05-06 12:27
ANS | Germanicus
some envy players have played from the compound but i don't believe they've all played there together yet.
2021-05-06 12:29
TSM has one being built and liquid has one in NA and EU NRG has one gen.g has one in korea
2021-05-06 12:51
Thank you guys very much
2021-05-06 15:43
We have two training facilities in Los Angeles and NYC
2021-05-06 17:26
Thought dignitas dropped their team for val
2021-05-06 19:45
they still got their female team
2021-05-06 22:31
most Tier 1 org with existing CSGO/League team will most likely have their own compound
2021-05-07 10:18
a lot of them "only" have like offices which they rent, as far as I know
2021-05-07 10:29
Doma | Oley
envy, dig used too for other esports, clg had one that had like every single one of their esports players in it from LoL to CSGO to Smash, optic, nrg, complexity, and liquid
2021-05-07 20:15

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