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From Masters to Reykjavic qualfiers
Doma |
This post will show the winners of Masters next to the teams who qualified to Masters Reykjavik, i'd like to know your thoughts on expected or unexpected placements from Masters Reykjavik qualifiers, doesn't just have to be about the winners
NA: Sentinels -> Sentinels(V1)
EMEA: Acend/Gamibt/Futbolist -> Liquid(Fnatic)
Korea: Vision Strikers -> NUTURN
Japan: Crazy Raccoon -> Crazy Raccoon
Brazil: Vikings -> Vikings(Sharks)
LATAM: Australs/LDM -> KRU
SEA: X10 -> X10

Previous winners of Masters to best standing from their region in their challenger stage
LATAM S: Australs -> KRU
LATAM N: LDM -> Inifinty
Eu: Acend -> Liquid(Fnatic)
CIS: Gambit -> Gambit
Turkey: Futbolst -> Oxygen
2021-05-12 19:52


Doma | Oley
I was surprised with V1 making it as far as they did considering they switched a player a week or 2 before the playoffs. Oxygen making it as far as they did was also very impressive. Also Heretics flopping as hard as they did was crazy, I still would have predicted fnatic and liquid but damn Heretics fell off and are now falling apart. Sentinals also nearly not making it and almost being eliminated by T1 out of any NA team was crazy
2021-05-12 19:56
Really Expected FPX and 100T to be Qualified, Acend could also be a Good Shout tbh. Apart from that I don't really have anyone in mind and ohh Vision Strikers of course. V1 has been good ngl but I think their road to Masters Qual was comaparatively easy (no im not a salty TSM/100T fan) it just feels that they had it fairly easy playing teams like C9, NRG and ABX. Now Im not sying these aren't good teams dont get me wrong but considering what SEN played against, it makes a difference. I still respect and love Version1, PLAYER1 was and is still one of my fav players and I always thought they'd succeed but just a tad bit easy this time. Happy to see Vikings' consistency, They've been on the top in Brazil from a long time.
2021-05-12 20:10
Doma | Oley
Also Rip to the fallen warriors
Vision Strikers
Absolute Jupiter
2021-05-12 20:27
I need girlfriend :'(
2021-05-12 21:51

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