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M1nac dont hide
Why would you waste your money on a 12K pc and give 1000s of subs on twitch and STILL not pay your employees also i would really like to hear ur response to the racism claims because that is really disgusting.
2021-05-14 13:28


Jimmy | jimmybelgium
2021-05-14 13:59
Can you explain what happened?
2021-05-14 14:26
I just checked everything out but Thanks for sharing.
2021-05-14 14:53
if this is true then im switching to vlr.
2021-05-14 19:29
penny | kindereggmodel
its true even minac said so on his twitter. sucks to fucking see
2021-05-14 19:33
his statement is basically 'i got caught, now I guess I have to pay them'.
2021-05-15 19:51
Im not saying that whatever posted there on Twitter is wrong, I still stand by theose afffected by Artur not fulfilling his promises but people like you just need any excuse to switch so just leave. Artur sais on twitter that he'll make everything right and i know we cant realy trust him coz he;s dont the promises before but if you are reacting somuch then read the full statement by the Employee coz they say that they dont want to drive anyone away from The Spike.
2021-05-14 19:57
ANS | Germanicus
we've said we don't want it to reflect badly on any other THESPIKE employees. this site will no longer be updated unless artur can find someone else to work for him.
2021-05-14 20:01
Ohh My Bad then. Apologies.
2021-05-15 05:17
"People like you just need any excuse to switch so just leave" KEKW

You don't know me. Never once I have complained about this site or the people on it. So where are the "excuses"?
2021-05-14 20:08
come over u are welcome, just dont look at the post titled VLR or THESPIKE???
2021-05-15 02:52
ask jake lucky to cover it
The Esports Talk Team
they seem to cover things in esport
2021-05-15 20:01
jake lucky? is that a stripper name?
2021-05-16 06:56
2021-05-16 18:47
probably a garbage person but where does that racism card come from in this case?
2021-05-16 06:56

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