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3 looking for 2 fraggers (East/Cent) Plat+
Trio looking for 2 more. Plat/Diamond during and after Beta, took a small break and are back. Have 3 looking for 2 players that can duelist and/or support. Good comms and competitive experience is a plus. We cover most of the supportive roles, but are also looking for other players that can fill those roles when needed.

We play all different times of the day, sometimes after 2 AM, sometimes first thing in the morning. No ragers, thanks. PM me on here or reply with a comment.

2021-06-02 10:42


Reyna vet
Im plat 3 almost diamond looking for a team.. I play killjoy,reyna,jett, sage.. I have good ping, I play the game 24/7 and I stream on twitch at ''imjustoutheredying''.. my discord is vet#5621...
2021-06-13 12:29

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