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Do you think the new g2 will work?
They have potential for sure but can they perform? I think they will be a good team in EU maybe even qualify for challenger finals but I doubt they can go to berlin.
2021-06-02 13:16


i think the new g2 is the best team in eu
is a good team nukkye is loud avova is loud and koldamenta is loud
2021-06-02 14:52
I think they can be top 3 eu for sure but in emea qualifiers there will be lots of good teams
2021-06-03 23:05
roster looks quite good tbh, gotta see what they can do. pity we have to wait end of june for that
2021-06-02 17:27
sucks for us but hopefully good for their preparation
2021-06-03 22:08
yeah no tier 1 games to watch for awhile
2021-06-03 23:05
actually they're playing in the LVP european qualifiers but not sure about streams
2021-06-04 04:55
Well I think this new G2 will do well intially with the honeymoon period, but this new roster will be put to the test after that! I think if Avova and Nukkye can set Pattitek and Mixwell then this roster will go places. I honestly am relieved that Pattitek is no longer playing omen
2021-06-02 19:17
Ok I'm actually dumb Pattitek is not in the team 😂 Took me awhile but I got there KEKW
2021-06-03 15:51
Considering they have a good amount of practice time before the next event, they might end up being one of the best in EU. We will have to wait and see, but it would certainly make things interesting.
2021-06-03 20:37
Also while people are seeing this what is your opinion on Blaze? Do you think they can qual for emea or berlin?
2021-06-03 23:07
Depends on If they change their playstyle to a more tactical and slow one like FPX or an improvised one and more free like Sentinels. In my opinion G2 should go for the tactical approach and not rely on freestyle as it will give long term results if played right.
2021-06-04 10:07
paTiTek | tamas1n
not a big fan of avova here, but i still whink they can go a long way with this roster. it'll mostly depend on how their tactical structure ends up working
2021-06-06 10:51

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