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NV playing without kaboose
According to Upcomer, NV has been playing scrims without kaboose, and trialing other players. Who would be a good replacement for kaboose, assuming that there is a roster switch?
2021-06-07 12:22


2021-06-07 14:14
There are many Free agents tbh and NV already have Crashies for the Initiator role.
2021-06-07 14:51
cutler is actually cheeks brother no cap. Coming from a TSM fan
2021-06-12 16:01
If Mummay is heading to duelist, then maybe Wedid. If they need a duelist, then idk.
2021-06-07 15:45
envy sinatraa
2021-06-08 15:26
ScreaM | Libz
i heard NV were desperate for woman abusers on their team, hope they scoop him 🙏🏼
2021-06-11 12:29
paTiTek | tamas1n
nothing got proven
2021-06-12 11:09
eh idk. im a full believer in innocent till proven guilty. but the original evidence against him is pretty weird. he is already known to have a toxic personality so that doesnt help but the fact he said he would comply and cooperate and then to find out he lied. idk just doesnt teally help in case. im pretty open minded, i havent made a final decision where im like yeah hes guilty or innocent. im just saying it through the way i see it. people can agree or disagree
2021-06-12 22:14
paTiTek | tamas1n
the only thing that really stinks to me is how he was supposedly not cooperating with the investigation, the evidence was shitty since you can easily fake all of it except for the voice recording but that part proved nothing
2021-06-13 15:15
yeah i know. the fact he said he would comply and then you find out he was lying kind of makes it hard to be defend him. his toxic past doesnt help either but he is also known as a liar now. there is also text messages as well but think we can both agree on it was a very interesting and toxic relationship. the whole investigation is a roller coaster
2021-06-14 18:20
Probably what his team of lawyers told him was the best course of action. You guys need to understand that everything he did after that day wasn't really him just making weird decisions, It was calculated by his team of lawyers.
2021-06-16 00:29
maybe thief bc they ply similer roles?
2021-06-09 17:22
calling it rn its marved since Faze was scrimming with JammyZ
2021-06-09 19:41
paTiTek | tamas1n
marved was benched because of match fixing in cs, not sure if they want him
2021-06-12 11:09
is this true or an assumption
2021-06-12 16:01
its true. sad but a good portion of the MDL throwers left and are now are on t1/t2 NA valorant teams. they are a bunch of scumbags
2021-06-12 22:15
apparently NRG S0M hinted at sinatraa joining NV
2021-06-10 00:45
sinatra is not able to play VCT Stage 3 though
2021-06-10 01:35
NV Sinatraa
2021-06-11 08:59

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