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Hey, i contacted you through email over a month ago
I told that i have some random games/teams on my profile that i have not even played for
This is my player profile ->
I have previously played for Test0 and Ahlman Esports, currently i play for Exen*Qpad, but for some reason there is a team called ''Across''
And i have some random matches played under that team that are on my profile.
I asked you to remove that team from my profile and put those ''Test0 and Ahlman Esports'', as previous teams.
Also i would like to those games that were played in the team ''Across'' removed.

2021-06-18 09:05


hey Laze, can you dm me on Discord?

2021-06-18 11:54
will do, sorry didn't notice your msg at start, was playing a tournament today!
2021-06-18 19:39

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