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Gentlemen's Agreement
Can we make a Gentlemen's Agreement that if you are going to lurk as a duelist, force buy every round and not listen to comms you have no right to call your team a bunch of r*tards regardless of you top fragging or not. I find it annoying to be screamed at because the top fragger stops listening to comms, cries because we aren't listening to his comms, says we need to play as a team, lurks, full buys when nobody can buy for 2 rounds and/or baits and if he gets baited starts screaming into his mic.
2021-07-16 19:37


ok i will tell all members of society this
2021-07-17 02:23
Wedid | Smashburger
The problem with this is that you need two gentlemen for an agreement. The person you described would not qualify as a gentleman.
2021-07-17 10:58
2021-07-17 18:55
paTiTek | tamas1n
you just described a phoenix i played with on icebox 3 days ago, he would also take the spike with him and push theother site very often and on defence he was just baiting my teammate on A the whole game
2021-07-19 10:34
explonyan | IslandKing
Typically non-experienced players or even experienced but non-high leveled players make the mistake of equating kills/frags as a pure objective measurement of skill or performance within a match. No one who truly understands the game would ever act in the manner that you described your teammate acting. It's a team-based game with various roles and requires cooperation and a strong amount of teamplay. Sorry you had to play with someone like that, unfortunately its way more common then it should be.
2021-07-19 15:09
Honestly, i still prefer this to all the AFKs and throwers who are trying to derank to play with friends that I get.
2021-07-20 19:13
That's kinda Riots fault. They made the "queue-threshold" too narrow at lower ranks imo.
2021-07-21 05:33

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