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Bind is the worst map for non casual gamemodes
I am bored so I'm here to talk about how shit bind is for competitive and pro matches. It has no mid so teams can't have a late lurk. the only area teams can actually fight for is showers, and CTs dont even need to hold showers to win. hooka is too small for CTs to really hole and a single drone/ molly and flash is all the T's need to clear it most of the time. in every other map the Tscan make a hole in the defense and exploit it, while on bind theres always 2 people on each site even after one pick because of how the map works. if the CTs are disciplined then its all about the execute. if the 2 or 3 CTs only get one kill when the Ts push onto B its a 4v2 or 4v3 retake and the round is basically over if the Ts play smart and have mollies or sova or brim ult. this works the other way too because if the cts get for and its a 1v3 the one T will have a harder time isolating 1v1s because of how the map works. the T has to peak CT(T could go hooka or long, but theres no gurantee an enemy will be there and if there isnt T will be in a bad spot) nstead of being able to push say garden, cat, or heaven on ascent. To fix this I think the TP entrances should be areas that shoudl be fought over and the exits should create new places for the Ts to attack from. for example A short could be expanded to create a new area for teams to fight over and the exit could lead to a separate corridor that leads to where cubby is.)I'll try to visualize this later)
2021-07-20 12:31

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