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Match rating
I think there should be a rating for matches in their category. Similarly to HLTV - CSGO's substitute of thespkie as yall probably know. They have 5-star rating for all matches based on teams posidion on the
"Ranking" page and the importance of the tournament they are playing. I get that in some way the nish teams can be interesting, but lets be honest... We all just want to see some good plays by the bests of the bests. The higher rated matches should place higher on the "Matches" page.
*HLTV has more awesome features and im sure noone will be mad if you yoink some of them.*
Thank you.
2021-07-23 09:16


what he said ^
2021-07-23 09:52
u need to get paid first
2021-07-23 10:40

new features are on hold at the moment - we're just too busy with all the events we need to cover
2021-07-23 11:21
explonyan | IslandKing
2021-07-23 13:26

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