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EU LFT - Sage / KayO/ Killjoy Player

Currently looking for a team for Valorant team, I am happy to learn other characters if needed.

Abit about me; ūüėÄ

- 23
- UK
- 8k hours CSGO, Played as a Awper, IGL, Entry and Support
- Competed in Faceit cups, ESEA Open and Inters
- Not gone to lan (yet)
- Full time working 9 - 6 with weekends off so far. So can grind in my spare time and do my own research when needed.
- Dedicated, Hardworking, working on my consistancy.

I am currently working through Plat (MMR Got fucked) Was scrimming with a couple teams at High DIamond / Immo last year

Discord : ChunkersTV#2133
2021-08-05 10:04

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