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?LATAM Vally?
I havent watched LATAM play until recently. It seems to me that they have amazong aim and no game. Similar to teams that know they suck LATAM teams pick icebox against NA. On Icebox KRU in particilar landed almost every songle opening kill and when push came to shove they choked at the end of each round. I have never seen a team get out stratted and ecoed as much as KRU. This goes to that most competetive teams struggle to compete with teams like Sentinels because they have ineffective strats and run EU defaults which are full of gaps.

Stop typing in twitch chat LATAM, it is embarrassing ñññ

NA Supremacy
2021-09-13 11:03


NA bot trying to bait lol
come to HLTV
2021-09-14 16:35

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