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Post-Berlin Player Ranking Survey
Hi, I'm back with another survey which combines players from all the different regions.

Survey Link:

The site will present you 2 players from any region. All you have to do is choose the "better" player between the two. There is no criteria on what "better" means so it's up to your opinion on which criteria you would use to pick out the better player.

The players in the survey include everyone who participated in Berlin + Bren/Team Secret as well as everyone who scored a 70 or higher in the previous regional surveys.

List of all the players above 70:

If you don't know any of the players, you can click on "I can't decide" to skip. You can keep answering as much pairs as you want but you can also stop at any time.

Thank you for reading my post and participating!
2021-09-19 15:38

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