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with berlin over and last chance qualifiers approaching i decide to see what teams are still in for a shot, seeing v1 still has no 5th man a thought came to mind that made me nut instantly:

V1 sinatraa...

2021-09-20 00:07


V1 is getting oderus
2021-09-20 05:37
TSM sinatraa ??
2021-09-20 14:20
Already denied by multiple sources
2021-09-20 14:50
2021-09-20 19:10
There's this Journalist who usually is a relaible source he is Goeorge Geddes on Twitter. He wrote a casual tweet but he is a good reliable source.
2021-09-21 17:18
It would be funny if he joined an EU team
2021-09-26 07:45

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