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APAC LCQ Ping diff?
So I was wondering how the APAC LCQ will be held "online".
When there are teams from India, Japan, Korea and even China?

Can someone explain me how it would work?

2021-09-20 12:20


let's see what happens and how the teams manage to play online i guess Global esports from India has already planned on leabing india and staying in Thailand for the tournament as Indian passport holders are not getting Visas for Singapore.
Don't know about the other teams though hope someone shares about the other teams here.
2021-09-24 06:41
some teams are bootcamping in other countries.

Global Esports will be going to Thailand for example -

also slots changed, ZETA dropped out since they preferred to restructure (possible line-up changes coming up) and they removed the 2 China slots
2021-09-24 07:00

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