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Radiant 19 LFT
**Region:** NA West
**Riot name:**Helios#2144
**Rank:** Currently RADIANT with 65 wins so this act(been taking time to work on mechanics.)
**Main Agents:** Most of my experience is with sentinel but my pool is kind of wide. Very comfortable with Viper and Omen and I’m currently in the process of learning and getting better with Astra every day but feel that I’ve picked it up well already. I’m willing to play both Controller or Sentinel either work for me.
**Time Zone:** Pacific Standard
**Age:** 19
**Availability:** My schedule is very open I have endless time to grind, scrim, play tourneys, etc. I have almost 150 games played this act already and I’m ready to start exploring team options.
**About you:** I have prior T2/T3 experience mostly playing tourneys like VCS, Texas, GLG, etc. I’m looking for a team of imm/Radiant players with preferably T2/T3 experience and 18+. I’m teachable and willing to expand my agent pool and learn how to play anything feel free to DM me serious inquiries only please.
2021-09-24 03:01


explonyan | IslandKing
It might be fairly difficult to find a team through

I suggest you try the discord servers of:
MSI Gaming
Master Class Valorant
the Official Valorant server or Valorant LFG server

OR if you have a decently active twitter, try putting out a recruitment post there and have some mutuals retweet it to gain traction. GL
2021-09-24 15:14

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