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Valorant retarded
as expected my game forze again but I restarted the PC and joined back 2 rounds later, I think I rejoined very quickly but I still got a cooldown. this game is retarded if you're going to punish players for your own bugs. I understand you need a cooldown for leavers but it seems like the game can't wait for 5 minutes
2020-06-07 11:13


mate, pc bad
2020-06-07 11:24
I have average pc that can run CSGO and never had a problem,if valorant really wants to compete with CSGO they need to make the game accessible for the people that have a life and not spending their life savings on keyboards that light up
2020-06-07 11:29
who cares, your pc is bad. stop bitching already and wait for them to fix it.
2020-06-08 23:23
you need to understand that without peopel bitching riot would not know that there is a problem
2020-06-08 23:40
true but bitching is for bitches, just say there is problem without all the extra meat and potatoes bruh
2020-06-09 23:10
my apologies, just extremly mad
2020-06-09 23:26
lmao "people that have a life and not spending their life savings on keyboards that light up" what is considered life savings for you? These keyboards can be purchased for under $100, a good pc cost way more than that anyways. On top of that, CSGO was never meant for casual players, FPS such as COD/PUGB/APEX/etc. are meant for casuals. Running around mindlessly, point and click to kill with little regard to their movement or recoil control. Therefore, Valorant does not have to reach out to these "casual players" to compete with CSGO. Casual players are like whores, they hop from one game to the next which is why you don't really want them, meanwhile the loyal player base of CS stuck around for 2 decades. Even with a dogshit company like Valve, who could give 2 fucks about their player base. Their public servers are still in 64 ticks and cheats running rampant, forcing their players to go to Faceit/ESEA with monthly fees to play the game. Not mentioning half the fuck ups they did over the years, yet the game is still alive and well, imagine what Valorant can be as long as Riot keep listening to their player base as they already have.
2020-06-08 19:46
mad? without causual players who don't play competitive a game cannot survive with high numbers of players, and your point that csgo is not for causal players is just wrong, everyone can enjoy the no matter if it's surf of competitive play
2020-06-08 22:05
valorant runs better than csgo on my laptop
2020-06-07 11:53
That's for everyone I guess... the game is much more optimized than CSGO.
2020-06-07 12:53
lol, the cartoon graphics run worse than csgo for most high end setups, game is not well optimized at all.
2020-06-07 13:35
The game is EXTREMELY well optimized. That is the problem with CSGO, it doesn't run well on certain hardware.

However, Valorant is by far one of the most well optimized games currently.
2020-06-07 13:37
u have no clue what you are talking about stfu please
2020-06-07 13:50
I agree that valorant is extremely optimized, but I belive that CSGO is easier to run on a potato than valorant is, and CSGO has less crashes than valorant
2020-06-07 14:51
2020-06-07 14:28
I run 400 fps on csgo and 250 on valorant, how is valorant optimized dumbass

and you have to take into account valorant graphics look like a fucking iOS game. I should be getting easily 600 fps but I'm only getting 250
2020-06-07 14:55
I run 130 fps on CSGO and 200+ on Valorant, explain that sir.
2020-06-07 17:24
all at max graphics.
2020-06-07 17:24
1. why would you run all max settings, what a casual noob.
2. a lot of settings dont seem to do anything on valorant.
3. just because it's working as intended on your setup doesn't mean the game is optimized.
2020-06-07 17:34
c4Lypso | m1nac
Keep it civil fellas.
2020-06-07 17:48
1. I dont run it all max setting, lmao.
2. whatever.
3. Just because it's not working as intended on your setup doesn't mean the game is not optimized.
2020-06-07 18:05
Jeffrey you're getting baited just ignore him
2020-06-07 18:06
he's not baiting, he's actually dumb.
2020-06-07 18:07
yea but it's not just me, use google, and you literally said "all at max graphics" now ur saying you dont run all max settings. stop dickriding the game and just accept it's not optimized holy shit
2020-06-07 18:55
butthurt cuz can't run the game properly lmao.
2020-06-07 19:19
just told u I get 250 fps, can you read low iq'er?
2020-06-07 19:49
250fps and butthurt... these kids nowadays scare me.
2020-06-07 19:52
What's your setup? I tried lowering the res, low/high graphics etc. but I still get the same fps and it annoys me because it doesn't stay constantly at 144+ lol
2020-06-07 18:01
i7 8700
1070 TI FTW
16gb RAM @2933

yea that's annoying, I actually used to get drops to 100 on beta. you just have to wait for them to optimize their game
2020-06-07 18:57
You have a crazy build that run CSGO on 130 fps? hmm
2020-06-07 21:47
c4Lypso | m1nac
I have a crazy build, and I get about 180-210 tops. Which is plenty enough.
2020-06-07 19:20
2020-06-09 02:39
Weird, but it's a new game so bugs are expected. They'll fix it soon hopefully.
2020-06-09 15:04

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