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Team Versity LF Coach
Hello, my name is Alkali, I am the IGL for Team Versity! WE are currently looking for an active coach which also would work as a stand-in for when it is needed. We are a fairly new addition to the org "Versity", which has a really good CoD and RL team. We need you the coach to participate in some of our scrims/matches to help us develop and give us a third-person take on what we could do better and improve on!

Currently, this position isn't paid, but we will see what the future will bring us! What you as a coach can expect from us as a team, is five guys with ALOT of motivation and skills, please DM me if interested!

Discord- Mads Marius#1981

Best regards, Alkali
2020-06-29 15:10

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