Looking for Team
NAW Looking for team - Lots of Comp FPS experience
I'm a Sage main but can flex as well. Looking to play competitively (scrim and vod review regularily and as many tournaments as possible)

I have experience in both LAN and online competition in: COD4, CSS, CrossFire, and other various indie fps games and would love to continue that in Valorant.

I'd prefer to join a core group of 3 or 4 players and build some chemistry to compete in leagues as they launch as well. It's not a deal breaker but being that I'm 30 I'd like to find some older more mature players if possible.

Happy to try-out and send gameplay footage if needed.

Best way to reach me is probably on twitter (TheOGTropics)

2020-06-29 21:52


I guess I should have added, was Diamond 3 in beta and am currently plat 3 (placed there)
2020-06-29 22:24
Good luck :)
2020-06-30 03:35

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