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NRG: the most stacked underperforming roster
NRG is probabaly the most stacked roster in the NA scene. Its sad that they are performing so bad. I believe that apart from eeiu and recently benched WeDid, all the other players are duelists, especially s0m. Its not that he can't play the smoke role, its that his playstyle is not that of a smoker.
IMO benching Wedid is not enough, they need to find a only smoke and sentinel player. I feel like they should make their team 6 man and thus they can change up in between games

what do yall think?
2021-10-04 02:40


isnt s0m transitioning to smoker? thought he played a lot of astra
2021-10-08 11:59
I dont think he should play astra... Omen is understandable he is great at it but just cause you can play omen doesn't mean you can play astra that well, imo
moreover they made him the igl, idk why. feel like they should put him back on duelist and just let him be free
2021-10-11 05:46

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