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World Rankings by THESPIKE.GG - NA
Cybe8 |
After months of officially covering events across the Globe, we are ready to start teasing our sophisticated World Rankings, starting with North America.

#6: Immortals
#9: China Nguyen

Can you guess who are holding the #1-2-3 in order?

Twitter Post:
2020-09-19 13:33


This is quite exciting. A lot of work has been put into these rankings. It is time to show off whos the best in each Region/World. #THESPIKEGGRankings
2020-09-19 13:34
I assume something like a next Friday full release?
2020-09-19 13:39
Who knows. I am not aware of what is going on in this team #kappa
2020-09-19 13:39
Its probably, 1. TSM 2. Sentinels 3. Cloud 9, I think that because the tournies that TSM have won have had a bit more weight, like sen won pop flash, but Pax wasn't a bigger tourney than say the Faze Clan tourney, and TSM have won many other tournaments like the PK Invitational
2020-09-19 13:38
Solid guesses. Will see if you are right about that Top 3
2020-09-19 13:40
The start of a new era in how people rank and rate VALORANT teams from across the world. This is #THESPIKEGGRankings
2020-09-19 13:38
#1 - Catch us if you can
2020-09-19 13:39
This is huge! Can't wait to see the full rankings ;)
2020-09-19 13:53
ScreaM | blubs
sexy timeeeeeee
2020-09-19 14:10
You are
2020-09-19 14:16
ScreaM | blubs
You are such a cutie!😍
2020-09-20 05:07
1. Sen 2. TSM 3. C9... Mamba Mode Gaming deserves a decent spot as well. That team has looked incredible at times.
2020-09-19 19:18
they are confirmed not top ten, prob top 15 ish
2020-09-20 03:09

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