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Brax |
Do you think people who switched to valorant from CSGO who matchfixed will be punished by Riot for their actions in another game? People like C4lypso, Shanks, Marved, etc. I am not talking about Steel,Brax, DaZeD, or AZK because their matchfixing happened far too long ago to be relevant, whereas the people who I mentioned earlier all did it recently.
2020-09-24 15:06


steel | OSCUR
Punished by Riot? I doubt it. I really don't think Riot would care very much until it would inevitably bleed into their own game, and then their own ToS.

Punished by the community? Absolutely. Once "official" reports come to surface, Team Owners will HAVE to dump anyone implicated/involved, to save their brand image and overall reputation. If they don't they run the risk of consistent and poor bad press.
2020-09-24 15:24
KOLER | fallguyspro
Riot will not punish them and I dont think its their place to, however top tier orgs probably dont want to sign players with that type of integrity
2020-09-24 22:51
exactly what fallguyspro said. no one will sign that type of players for now.

in a years time probably they will be back but they have to cope with the fact that they matchfixed because they will get trash talked for sure everywhere they go; twitter, twitch chat etc...
2020-09-25 02:02

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