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Kat, 24, UK
Happy to IGL. Comfortable on Sentienls, can adapt if needed. Obviously completely fluent in English but no second languages.
2020-09-25 10:28


??? maybe u should write for how long have u been playing VALORANT, your act rank, have you played any tournaments or do you have any past experience with teams, did you play any other game like Counter Strike? U cant expect to find a team with nearly 0 info about you.
2020-09-26 05:43
I figured it was fairly self explanatory. Are people looking for an IGL/Support player, then they inquire and I provide additional details, works on most other games I've played. I've been playing Valorant since release like everyone else looking for a team, I'm Immortal like everyone else looking for a team and I've played CS, OW etc etc. Like most other people looking for a team.

However thanks for the feedback. There's the extra details for anyone else interested. Would appreciate an edit feature for forum posts though. Correct those spelling errors and all.
2020-09-26 12:08

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