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The updates to the rankings are really flawed, especially in NA, SEN and TSM lost way too many points for not playing in the very small tournaments that almost no top 10 teams played in. No way a team that hasn't played for 1 month should lose 197 points, Like no way Equinox should be #2, their wins were not convincing at all. Tell me I'm wrong
2020-10-18 15:28


Like how come liquid only lost 9 points for not playing when TSM lost 197 and Sentinels lost 171, makes zero sense
2020-10-18 15:29
Liquid played in the showmatch against G2 where they "beat G2" so it didnt count as them tourney dodging and they got points for beating G2 i think
2020-10-18 17:51
thats bs, it was a showmatch

2020-10-18 18:43
show matches are not considered in our ranking
2020-10-19 04:27
How is Luminosity even in top 10 with a negative record and Renegades higher than GenG.
2020-10-18 16:17
yo something HAS to be fixed in these rankings LOLOLOL

equinox is 2nd beat team now over tsm??? LOLOL

inactivity needs to be taken out when there was a large break for everyone. this is risiculous LOL
2020-10-18 16:32
I mean inactivity should matter, BUT NOT THAT MUCH like holy
2020-10-18 16:36
but it shouldnt matter when there have been no events during that time frame except tiny little tier 3 team events. this is the 1st event in the time off and even this is a small 10k tourney.

you can not have a rankings system where equinox is ranked 2nd best NA team LOL

there are multiple ither teams that are now somehow a win or 2 from top 3 or 4 in NA and they are no where near as good
2020-10-18 17:13
i agree, the t2 events shouldn't matter that much, like equinox in no world should be even top 8 yet alone top 2
2020-10-18 18:44
we will be revisiting the inactivity formula and will be updated next week including RNG x NSG tournament
2020-10-19 04:27
I feel like a better way to penelize teams for not participating is by having a slow decay over time, maybe like -1 per day everyday they dont play.
2020-10-18 17:50
Immortals dropped 22 places like what? I understand the inactivity but there haven't been a lot of tournaments for tier one teams since Pop Flash
2020-10-18 18:34
fax how tf do they drop 22 places???????
2020-10-18 18:45
Cybe8 | NANA
In their case, it's not about inactivity, but the fact that they lost the core of their squad (they have 3 new players now).
2020-10-18 18:59
I get that, but dont you think 22 places is a bit much though?
2020-10-18 19:06
rhyme | Oley
no because youve essentially lost the original squad but almost everything else does not make sense
2020-10-19 02:21
WE are working on some tweaks to make it better

2020-10-18 18:45
Is their going to be ranking of oce soon?
2020-10-22 02:08
let us get the regions we currently have (NA, EU & Asia) sorted out and we will get new ones in soon 😉
2020-10-22 03:40
Cybe8 | NANA
2020-10-19 12:08
Love the swift response
2020-10-20 03:35
you just cant have inactivity penalties for during times of break, like with what just happened

you also cant have teir 2 or 3 teams or even unsigned teams making up so much ground from winning vs other tier 2 or 3 or unsigned teams

I am sure you likely see that now, but ya
2020-10-21 21:11

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