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Do your game run smoothly? I have many micro stutters especially when someone is peeking me. Never had these issues before. Also fps not stable like in previous patches.
2020-10-25 12:23


im fine tbh but lots of ppl are getting these. riot are already working on a fix afaik
2020-10-25 14:27
its the same men for me last 2 days. i just cant play, it feels like i have 150ping.

stutters when shoot, stutters while moving, it was so smooth before. great to know im not the only one with this and they work on that
2020-10-25 18:12
still happens to me multiple times a game
2020-10-29 22:43
hapens to me as well make me lose kills i would have got normally
2020-10-30 03:41
yep, but for some reason it only happens in comp
2020-10-30 15:46
its happening, too often, after the 1.10 its there most of the time, but hopefully they will fix it
2020-10-30 16:00
i used to have these with my old monitor because it only run at 60hz, since ive switched to 144hz it runs very smooth, it could be that or rito netcode dumb as usual
2020-10-31 07:04
pisses me off, at least 4 per game at this point
2020-11-01 01:11
its unplayable sometimes i hope they fix it as soon as possible?
2020-11-01 14:40
Don't have that but I can't have anti-virus and such on when I play or my computer reboots as I load valorant.
2020-11-01 16:08

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