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your favourite pro?
I'll go first,
my favourite pro is TenZ, i've been following him since he joined c9 in csgo and i absolutely love the lad.
your turn..
2020-11-18 04:14


same :D

he's literally the definition of nuts - from EU you gotta love Scream
2020-11-18 04:55
paTiTek | tamas1n
surely not patitek...

2020-11-18 05:24
Mixwell? :p
2020-11-18 09:43
drone 💯
2020-11-18 06:06
TenZ and MummAy
2020-11-18 09:18
nitr0 | BaronBurrito
Definitely Nitro. You gotta respect the level of consistency he has and groundwork he has provided for his teams, esp. young players.
2020-11-18 09:53
in twitch wardell second tenz in Valorant tournament food
2020-11-18 10:08
2020-11-18 11:08
Subroza & Mixwell
2020-11-18 11:21
gotta be Hiko
2020-11-18 11:47
Agreed. Love his story and his stream. Most insightful as he tries to help his viewers understand what he is doing.
2020-11-20 20:03
2020-11-22 10:16
TenZ | Kurapika
Gotta be TenZ for me as well. Been watching him since the Freedom 35 days. Those old times when everyone would play Rank S and eventually FPL in NA FeelsStrongMan.
2020-11-18 13:11
too many to narrow it down to one but my favs would be: dapr, zombs, android, poach, and thwifo
2020-11-18 15:06
rhyme | Oley
Wardell because I was following his whole career in cs and now valorant
same thing with sinatraa except obviously with overwatch
Steel because I like how he was always able to be in a top 20 team in cs despite being banned
and in eu probably rhyme
most favorite probably steel though
2020-11-18 17:08
2020-11-19 08:15
Shao, In my opinion he can be one of the best players in the world and I am really excited to see him play on LAN at some point. This guy is just super talented and besides playing more of a supportive role in FPX he also shows up on the board. He is so underrated. I tell you guys, keep an eye on him.
2020-11-19 13:31
LeBron James is the greatest of all time.
2020-11-19 15:43
2020-11-20 08:43
2020-11-20 23:37
roza and modello
2020-11-19 17:17
Player1 for me :D
2020-11-19 20:33
same :)
2020-11-21 00:50
ANGE1 and myself Kappa
2020-11-19 21:18
I Love Tenz, He is a Fan of Killua from HxH and he is a jett player...I also a fan of Killua and Jett player..😅😁

2020-11-19 21:30
im killua fan and jett player too :3
2020-11-19 22:11
Fr0m | Fr0m
This guy's recruiting fans you ain't slick😂
2020-11-21 16:04
whaat nooooooo the fans just arent informed of my love for killua and i am at a disadvantage with my fanbase
2020-11-22 00:04
Fr0m | Fr0m
2020-11-22 16:53
Fr0m | Fr0m
tenz simp
2020-11-19 21:43
Sinatraa all the way man

2020-11-19 22:37
steel | flowbackreflux
Steel, cuz IGLs are cool :D
2020-11-20 04:22
2020-11-20 09:08
asuna from NA and shadow from EU
2020-11-20 06:25
patitek will never lose an aim duel
L1NK has god reflexes
tsack is my daddy
2020-11-20 06:39
Gotta Be SSG sSef, or LG Thief
2020-11-20 06:52
roca | P3drx
SSG Roca, the GOAT🐐
2020-11-20 08:39
roca | PopRock17
Me too ! Roca is a beast and only getting better. This game was made for him.
2020-11-20 08:42
gotta be the man himself TAOUFIK yesssssssssssssirboy😈
2020-11-20 11:12
Team Heretics Uri
its more about teams for me , like g2 heretics VS
2020-11-20 13:16
Dickstacy. Best player in the world. You watch as #OrderArmy take over the Valorant AU scene, and then the world.
2020-11-20 21:37
Asuna | Blu

2020-11-20 22:28
2020-11-21 15:24
zombs, he is so underrated and doesn't get credit for his EPIC plays
2020-11-21 16:50
oops ment to type this on my alt
2020-11-21 16:50
2020-11-21 16:53
Airdis nuts and funny

2020-11-21 17:17
Ec1s, literally the GOAT of TL
2020-11-21 17:35
hard bottomfragging makes you the goat it seems. guess i'm the goat of my ranked games too
2020-11-22 12:24
Support players and IGL's >
2020-11-22 20:50
Sure, but liquid are winning games only because of scream, link and kryptix.
Impressive igl's would be ange1, shahzam, etc. Able to put numbers while having very good mid round calls.

I like ec1s though, but he's not really impressive imo.
2020-11-22 23:17
Tenz and hiko, after watching first strike I feel like 100T gono conquerer valorant
2020-11-21 21:49
Hiko is my favorite in this case... he's such a nice guy, streams are really chill and is a player from who you can learn with al the insight he gives... And also his story, i mean he has been a player who hasn't had the best luck out there when it comes to esports.
2020-11-21 23:26
100 Theives Hiko and Diceyx
2020-11-21 23:56
2020-11-22 09:32

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