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Learning VAL & trying to grind
Hey guys,
1st off, I'm really enjoying the valorant community. As someone who is coming from playing CS for the last year and a half, I love how welcoming this community has been in comparison and it's a breath of fresh air.
2nd, I'm a relatively new player trying to grind hard hours now. The more I'm learning about the game, the more fascinated I am by it. I have some questions and hopefully some members here can point me where I need to be.

1. I have zero friends in the game. I haven't added anyone throughout the unrated games process (haven't got to play any comp yet, not that im ready anyway). I know there's an official valorant discord, but whats a good discord to find people to play with? I'm super hungry and wanna find people who wanna learn as much as I do. I wanna elevate my skill high enough to where I can join some of the more exclusive diamond+ discords.
2. I'm finding the bindings for the abilities to be uncomfortable, particularly to do a D+E with Jett. I see myself as eventually becoming a more supportive player, but I was wondering if any fellow CS players ran into this issue and bindings have you guys been using?
3. I need to learn call outs, movement, basic strats (I.E. the val equivalent of an A smokes strat on mirage and stuff like that), and spray pattern (my CS exp has helped me get by, but my spray is not as tight as I'd like. tends to tread side-to-side). I see some people suggest, how many of you guys tried it? Any YT channels you guys can suggest from the more mechanical side of things?

I know I have a ton more. If anyone is in NA and wanna get in a server, hit me up. No friends, but I wanna get good.
2020-11-20 10:03


nitr0 | BaronBurrito
What NA server are you on?
2020-11-20 12:50
im on NA central. I have god tier internet at my apartment though so i get good ping all across the USA
2020-11-20 14:35
Subroza | m1nac
Welcome to the community :)
2020-11-20 13:07
thanks, i really like the community so far.
2020-11-20 14:37
Subroza | m1nac
Yeah its def. great :)
2020-11-20 15:00
Yo lets play some time, my username is d3jan #LULW
2020-11-20 21:59
d2 rn
2020-11-20 22:00
diamond 2? nice. Lets play this weekend! heres my discord name, send me a friend request. TA1TE#2890
Again, very new, but I learn quick and im sure most cs things apply most likely.
2020-11-20 23:38
oh shit i saw this late sorry about that. anyways, i can't seem to find your discord. you can try sending me a fr on discord tho its d3jan#6836
2020-11-23 17:18
sent it, shoot me a message on discord when you get it
2020-11-25 03:51
bumping thread
2020-11-22 16:10
Reyna Rey
sucks that y'all in NA :/ i wanted to learn too
2020-11-23 02:03
Wardell | Merce
Hey there brother! I recently switched from csgo as well, I was supreme and now im hard stuck in plat on Valorant lmao. I have a hard time transitioning from a CSGO mindset to a more "overwatch" ish mindset because of the heroes.
My games sense is fine for the basics but its hard to think past the standard "bomb" scenario's and such.

If you found any websites would you mind linking them to me or any good content creators to watch? I mainly play Jett / Operator since I was an Awper on CS.
I can recommend this discord server if you want to participate in funny valorant videos where they put diamonds against silvers for example and the silvers have unlimited abilities or something. You also get to meet a lot of new people who would love to play with you, I found a team through this discord and we're starting to play really good and consistent.

I'm from EU otherwise I wouldve gladly played with you man, I really do hope you'll get far in valorant man :D
2020-11-23 04:30
As mentioned in your newer thread for LFT, myself and my buddy are down to meet new players and grind!
Discord is Shreds#4255
2020-11-28 09:14

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