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Clown9 laugh thread

(but seriosuly if this site wants to live up to its predecessor it needs to have more toxicity especially in the forums section and especially between NA and EU)
2020-11-21 12:57


😉i like the site how it is..... no toxic racist or homophobes is better imo..
2020-11-21 13:00
why mens(((
2020-11-21 13:09
nitr0 | BaronBurrito
sinatraa bad hahahahahaahahhahahahahahhahahhahahhahahahhahahahahhhahhahaaaaahhhahaa
2020-11-21 13:03
yeh he garbo wait for him to meet some eu opposition so he can be bodied
2020-11-21 13:09
EU is so irrelevant in this game lmfao
2020-11-21 15:01
idk seems to me that NA is just boomers and nonamers, washed ups or OW players

EU has washed up players but at least they are not boomers
2020-11-21 15:19
I heavily disagree. Most of the Valorant players in NA are young talent that couldn't get paid in the NA cs scene, so they switched to Valorant. There are definitely some old washed players, but a lot are also young players as well.
2020-11-21 16:47
poor tenz
2020-11-21 14:00
when is the spike gonna import toxic mibr fans? also, should i be the new jonty?
2020-11-21 15:19
this website cant live up to the, random shutdown / long time to refresh and more but thx hekzy for the try
2020-11-21 15:14
i will make this valorants hltv be it with jonty's essence or brazilian baitness
2020-11-21 15:20
were actively working on that
2020-11-21 16:50

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