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Play of the year so far?
What do you all think was the best play in competitve this year?
For me, it was Subzora’s 1v5 pistol round on Ascent.

2020-11-21 22:21


2020-11-21 22:29
prob brax's ace clutch on ascent :)
2020-11-22 16:59
The one on twitch rivals right? That was insane too :)
2020-11-22 17:08
yea that one was insane :)
2020-11-22 17:18
ANS | Germanicus
I still love dicey's 1v4 ace at pop flash, though Subroza's pistol and cNed's twitch rivals 1v6 were wild too.
2020-11-22 17:27
First time seeing cNed’s play! He popped off 😳
2020-11-22 17:39
AsLanM4shadoW | PicKaRuu
I think too
2020-11-23 08:33

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