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Looking for 3 to create the new top EU team.

- Be Radiant.
- Have prior team experience.
- Have the motivation to go all the way to the top.

We are 2 danish guys in Radiant, we both have competitive experience from CSGO and other games aswell.

Sage and Reyna mains btw.
2020-12-03 15:39


2020-12-03 15:40
Can you add me ? Cône ШАЫХ#5583
2020-12-08 02:40
Pookanator31#0016 Discord
2020-12-09 13:06
linde#1094 på discord
2020-12-09 14:37
Hello, I have been playing at the highest level in Spain and now I am a free agent, I would like to try with you, here I leave my twitter so you can talk to me: @LouZ_VAL
2020-12-12 17:25
Hello, you can add me on discord: stk#3369
2020-12-23 08:14
Hey sjan#4884 on discord i come from cs scene
2020-12-26 08:06
Hello! I am a Radiant player with much experience from CSGO. I would like to try with you. If you are still looking for players add me on discord: klasick#8667
2021-01-08 08:29
Swede that's been on hiatus for a time due to circumstances. Semi-Pro & lan experience in 1.6. Radiant. seke#3624
2021-01-14 02:05

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