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Updates are back!
Happy to say that we will be back at rolling various updates to the website from now on and today we have launched some changes to the Brackets on our website.

1) All matches on our Bracket are now clickable.
2) Clicking on a finished match will give you a short summary of the maps played, agents played and scores
3) Clicking on an ongoing/upcoming match will take you to the match page directly.
4) A finished match can be easily identified with left hand side borders (green / red) reflecting the winner and loser of the match
5) Started matches will have a ticker showing that the match is on going
2021-11-19 06:16


curry | el_nummer_2004
i like that :)
2021-11-19 17:32
2021-11-20 05:49
defo | Defo_-
Very nice!
2021-11-21 14:17
2021-11-21 18:04
- added shortcode timezone with matches date & time all over the website (if I missed one let me know 😅) like CET, GMT etc...
2021-11-23 14:55

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