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Team Rankings
Just wanted to ask the Site Devs a few questions about Rankings
1. When will be the Rankings will be updated for All Regions?
2. Will there be any expansion in the current rankings as SEA is not represented properly.
3. When will LAN Rankings be available?
2021-11-23 10:46


1) We're currently working on a new backend system for Rankings to be able to publish them faster. Right now to publish one Region it takes me around 2-3 hours. With this new system it will take us only a few minutes. We're hoping to launch an update on each region by end of next week.
2) Thanks to the new system, we will be able to publish new regions as well, including South Asia
3) Not sure about this one - For now we're stick with Achievements & Form only (both online & offline) since we only had 3 major LANs (including Champions) and that is not enough data.
2021-11-23 12:48
Excited and waiting for the new system. Thanks for the Update.
2021-11-23 20:42

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