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It didn't take long for EU to become better than NA.
Just like in CS we will now dominate
Please don't be mad NA fans :)
2021-12-04 17:11


C9-FNATIC: 13-11, 11-13, 14-12
TL-SEN: 14-12, 2-13, 13-10

What part ab these scores say "dominating"? All of these matches were super close no team stomped another unless u wanna count SEN curb-stomping TL on Bind but whatever makes ur narrative work ig.
2021-12-04 17:21
Didn't say we dominated, I said now we will dominate, there's a difference. Also winning is winning and Liquid is taking the event home so stay mad kid
2021-12-05 09:51
ratio, ez4 chaos
2021-12-05 10:04
envy hired a coach , how to play against EU teams :D uppsss
2021-12-06 13:34

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