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People are over reacting to NA underperforming
I think people are over reacting to the recent Sentinels and NV loss. Thoughts?
2021-12-07 21:18


yeah NA isnt underperforming, SEA just better.
2021-12-07 21:28
ScreaM | hex4
i mean SEN and NV were the top 2 teams throughout the whole year. people will obv react when they see them getting eliminated in groups in the biggest event.
2021-12-08 02:54
sinatraa | AryannSharrma
I won't lie, the core SEN fans knew this was coming. Well not a roup stage exit but we weren't expecting anything more than Quarters (No Hate to Anybody) as far as Envy is concerned I can't comment as to how the Runner up team just gets out in Groups butt it shows that they aren't really consistent enough and they have been chokiing under pressure from a long time.
2021-12-08 04:14

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