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ScreaM |
- Updated NA, EU and Korea Rankings
- Finally added total earnings in USD to players & teams pages ( - )
2021-12-14 11:52


ScreaM | hex4
With Riot announcing a lot of the regions for VCT 2022 we added a new menu item at the top of the website "VCT 2022" so you can access it easier.

We will be adding all the events of all regions in there and you are able to filter the events by Region
2021-12-15 09:06
ScreaM | hex4
Added the ability to view a Round Robin group matches within the Overview tab. You can view the matches/results by a single team or for the whole group. You can view this on the latest Nerdstreet Gamers Online Open 10 here:

For the team matches just click the arrow down on the right hand side and for the group matches you can click the "View all matches (X)"
2021-12-21 06:13
ScreaM | hex4

Teams Staff (Managers, Coaches etc...)
Players Benched/Inactive
2021-12-28 11:58
ScreaM | hex4
When you go to an Event, the team list will now show their rank (before the event happened) and teams are sorted by rank accordingly. You can view this here:
2022-01-05 10:02
ScreaM | hex4
New Search updates:

- Quick Search will show the most 5 players and teams that we covered throughout our history and also the latest 5 Events, Series and News articles that match your search
- UI updates on the Quick Search results to understand them better
- If you don't find what you want since results are limited, you can press "Enter" after you type or click "View All Results" when the Quick Search results show up which will take you to the new Search Page. Results to your query here are not limited.
2022-01-27 04:25
ScreaM | hex4
Launched Stage & Agents Filters in Events > Stats > Players

You can have a look here:
2022-02-01 11:43
ScreaM | hex4
added 2 new filters in here:

- Minimum number of Rounds
- Side (All, Attacking, Defending)
2022-02-03 09:11
sinatraa | AryannSharrma
Appreciate your effort into making this website and experience really really good for all of us, keep up the good work, Best Wishes.
2022-02-01 12:56
ScreaM | hex4
2022-02-01 13:12
Asuna | MythicalForger
2022-02-02 10:19
2022-02-04 20:19

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