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Top Players in VAL currently
In no particular order:
- cNed
- ScreaM
- leaf
- heat
- mwzera
- TenZ
- nAts
- starxo
2022-01-12 11:57


2022-01-12 12:04
sinatraa | AryannSharrma
No Chronicle, Zeek and Keznit? You just listed all the famous players. L take.
2022-01-12 13:13
where is asuna, derke or nukkye? also looking at the results heat and mwzera seem to not have achieved anything of significance outside of BR wich really isn't any of the best regions, i'd rank them like 5th or 6th, as they seem equal to KR right now.
2022-01-12 15:26

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